Monday, September 1, 2014


Welcome to my blog, I'm win. I'm studying in Panyarat high school. I'm grade 10. I’m 15 years old. I've many sibling one younger brother and two older sisters. I love to play sports. For instant, football and basketball. I also play instruments as well.
First of all, playing sports is huge part of my life. Football  is one of my favorites. I’m good at football in my opinion. Every day, after school, I always play football with my friends for 1 hour, sometimes our teacher, kru James join us that makes our game full of fun and joy.
I’m interested in musical instruments. Piano is one instrument that I want to play. There is one piano in my house. Then I took that piano for improve skills. I can play 3 songs with piano. but I can’t read chords I just remember how to play it.
Finally, playing football and music instruments are huge part of my life. I can’t stop playing sports and music instruments. My dream is that I wanna be football player same as Lionel Messi.



The honey sits in a jar, glowing like an amber beacon. The light shines through it. It reflects into eyes who look at it. Once your tongue touch at it. It feels like pure and clean gold. Every time you smell it. You will smell species of flowers in which bees fly to.
Every time I take deep inhale my legs go weak and I can’t stand. The little pot shimmered in the daylight as if it were gold. The fragrance was filled with the smell of rare wild flowers and it reminded me of the sunniest day. It made me smile instantly. I grab a spoon from my wooden black cupboard and I use the silver and shiny spoon to spoon up a spoonful of deliciously gorgeous honey that I would die for. Once the spoon touches the bottom half of my lip, my whole body trembles in excitement.

The sweetness coats my tongue and a shiver is sent directly down my spine. The rich, thick liquid sits in my mouth in the form of a semi-solid ball that is slowing melting away. I close my eyes and I see an evergreen meadow with fluttering butterflies and the sun blazing in the hot sky. It felt like paradise. I opened my eyes and I reality snapped back to life. Although rock solid reality was in front of me, my body still tingles as if I just came down from the clouds. I took one big breath and realized, the ball of honey was gone.


Some people prefer to spend their time with friends while other people prefer to be alone. Which way of life do you prefer? Use specific reasons and support for your answer.

      Firstly, I prefer spending time with my friends rather than spending time to be alone. Each person has difference preferences about spending their time. Some people prefer to spending time to be alone
while others like to be with friends. However, It would be hard to me to imagine to spending time to be alone. When I’m spending with my friends I never get bored. They make my life full of fun and joy.

            Friend provide fun and joke to me. They always give me a hand in every problem .  For examples, When I can’t do my homework or i have some problem with my life. Friends are always beside me every times.
When i meet my friends , i will get more information about football or movies and etc. Sometime we also discuss topic in class that teacher has taught about that enabled me to understand more clearly and quickly.
If I prefer spending my time alone i will get easily bored and  i won’t have any to help me to find problems and  help me to learn and know more information. Friends are always with us to share our unhappiness and sadness. When we loose something or cannot reach our goals, they are always with us to understand us
            However, some of people prefers to be alone but for me i always prefers be with friends because friend always helpful and give more happiness to me . Friends can’t leave or end up with me and i also can’t leave from friends too.


  1. Nice - it is good to know you and what you enjoy too. Let's see if you can write more about your interests!

  2. The descriptive work is outstanding! You have used some interesting language there. Try to bring that into some of your other essays too!